Every Saturday, music-loving children of different ages and skill levels from all over the country have the opportunity to make music, learn from esteemed faculty and make friends at the CCPS!

Admission for the 2021-2022 school year has started.

Application Information

Application deadline: rolling

Application fee: 200RMB

Age restriction: 6-18

Music Programs

Classical Music:

1. Instrumental music: piano/violin/cello/bassoon/clarinet/trumpet/percussion (marimba, timpani, snare drums)

2. Voice: classical voice

Contemporary Music:

1. Instrumental music: jazz piano/jazz trumpet/jazz drum/guitar/electric bass

2. Voice: popular/music theatre

3. Songwriting

How to apply

All materials should be submitted electronically:

1. Please submit the online application form:


2. Please submit two videos via email: music@ccom-prep.org

a)       A 1-2 minutes introduction of yourself in English. Please include your name, age, school, home town, your music major and any other information that you would like to share;

b)       Instrumental or vocal performance video/demo of a repertoire of your choice (no language restriction; accepted format: mp4, mov, avi; 3-5 minutes)

Special attention:

1. Please refrain from editing or adding any special effects to the original audio track;

2. The title of your self-introduction video should be in the format of “Your Name+Self-introduction” and your performance video in the format of “Your Name + Music Title + Major + Age”.

Admission Decision

We will notify you via email within 5 business days upon receipt of your complete application materials

Contact Us

To find out more about our Saturday School, please contact us at:

010-65122374 Extension 811, or

+86 13051900146 (Call or WeChat), or music@ccom-prep.org

Course Categories

We optimize our Saturday curriculum every year to better suit our students’ needs. Currently, we have two course categories: Applied music lessons (A) and academic music courses (B). Students may choose any course(s) according to their interests and needs.


Course Offerings

Classical Music

1. Piano

2. Strings: violin, cello

3. Bassoon

4. Voice

5. Clarinet

6. Trumpet

7. Percussion: marimba, timpani, snare drum

8. Solfège and Ear Training

9. Performance Workshops

10. Vocal Coaching

11. Ensemble Coaching

Contemporary Music

1. Musical Theatre

2. Voice

3. Jazz Piano

4. Songwriting

5. Solfège and Ear Training

6. Music Arrangement and Production

7. Jazz trumpet

8. Electric Bass

9. Drum set