Admission Process

Thank you for your interest in Beijing Eastbank Academy of Music . We recognize the importance of choosing the right school for your family. From first contact to the first day of school, our friendly Admissions team is happy to guide you through the enrollment and transition phase.

1. Enquiry

If you wish to know BEAM, please sign up for the Open House or Info Session with our admission team.



2. Online Application and Application Payment

Please complete the application form online and submit an application fee of 2000RMB, which is non-refundable.

Payment Method: Cash or Bank Transfer

Please note the student's name and date of birth when transferring. All applications will be processed only after the application form and application fee have been received.

BEAM Bank Transfer Details:

RMB Account Name: 北京市东城区中央音乐学院鼎石实验学校

RMB Account No.: 110908587610301

Account Address: 北京市东城区南河沿大街19号

Bank Name: 招商银行股份有限公司北京东方广场支行

3. Interview and Test

The Admission Office will contact the parents and confirm the testing time within 5 working days after receiving the application form and application fee. Please keep your mobile phone connected so as not to affect the student’s application status.

4. Current Teacher Recommendation Letter

Submit the Recommendation Letter from at least one teacher, including Music Major, English and Homeroom teacher.

* Click to download 'the teacher recommendation letter template'.

* Submit the hard copy on the test day or scan the electronic version to the Admission Department by email

5. School Report

Applicants are required to submit school reports or transcripts for the last two years. Please note that the school report or transcript should be directly sent to the Admissions Office

6. Personal Statement

To be completed by the student, 400-500 words either in Chinese or English. The content should mainly include academic or professional achievements, hobbies, individual characteristics, advantages and disadvantages, and reasons for choosing BEAM and a specific major. Please directly send the personal statement to the Admission Office:

7. Admission Decision

Our admission team will send the notice by email.

Three types of results:a. Accept   b. Wait List   c. Deny

* Please note that the admissions team needs to conduct a comprehensive assessment, so the whole application process will take at least 3 weeks. Thank you for your patience and cooperation!