Course Application

Classical Music

1. Instrumental Music

Piano/Violin/Cello/Bassoon/Clarinet/Classical Trumpet/Flute/Percussion (Marimba, timpani, snare drum)

2. Voice

Contemporary Music

1. Music Theatre/ Vocal

2. Contemporary Instrumental Music

Jazz piano/Jazz Trumpet/Jazz Drums/Guitar/ Electric Bass


Application Process

【Application Time】From now to August 20, 2021

【Application Fee】200 RMB

【Enrollment Age】Teenagers aged 8-18

Online Selection

The selection is online, the details include:

1. Click '' Submit registration information

2. Send two recorded videos to the mailbox:

Video 1:

Please send a 1-2 minutes English self-introduction video to the mailbox.

Please introduce your name, age, school, where you are from, major and other content you want to share.

Video 2:

Please choose one song to sing or perform with no language limitation.

The format of the Demo is limited to mp4, MOV, AVI format, which is within 3-5 minutes.


1. Please do not edit the Demo and do not add the 'reverb' effect;

2. Please name the demo as follows 'your name + music name + major+ age'. Name the self-introduction video as follows 'your name + self-introduction';

3. Please complete the application materials by emailing before August 25, 2021.

Result Announcement

Admission notice time: The result will be notified by email before August 25th, 2021

If you want to know more about the Saturday School Program, welcome to contact us!


+86 130 5190 0146(same as WeChat)