Non-music Academic Courses

At BEAM, we value musical competence as well as academic excellence. Our academic offerings include Chinese, English proficiency, English literature, mathematics, science, humanity and PE. Our curriculum satisfies the standards of both the Chinese Education Department and the foreign higher-education institutions, including music schools, comprehensive universities and liberal art colleges.

In small class settings, we offer bilingual and integrated courses that establish connections among various academic subjects and promote critical thinking and practical application, providing an immersive and proactive learning environment.  


Pre-high school:

Chinese language foundation

Reading and writing skills

Basic literary concepts

10th - 12th grades:

Literary forms

Literary styles

Classics - reading, analyzing and discussing

Chinese courses are well integrated with humanity courses to build interconnections among different but related disciplines. Theatrical performance, news interview, lyrics writing, poetry reading are some of the fun activities that our Chinese courses conduct.


Mathematics skills are crucial for the students to develop basic calculation skills, logic, abstract thinking and spatial ability.

Our mathematics curriculum meets the People’s Education Press curriculum standards and aims to inspire in students the appreciation and sensitivity for the beauty of numbers.


English foundation in 2 parts*:

Reading and Writing

Listening and Speaking

* Learning, application and critical thinking are essential elements built in all our English foundation courses

Standard tests preparation:


World literature:

In addition to studying literary concepts and classics, activities such as English theatre are organized annually to improve the students’ ability to understand, interpret and perform literature.


Our integrated science core program contains the subjects of biology, chemistry and physics. The program is designed in accordance with national and international science curriculum standards and aims to enable the students to think scientifically and gain practical abilities.

In these courses, concepts are practiced through experiments. Students learn to ask good questions, make hypothesis, implement experiments to prove or disprove such hypothesis, and to derive at conclusions through scientific methods.

Activities such as “Science Day” encourage students to learn proactively through designing and showcasing team projects initiated by the students.


Our integrated humanity core program contains subjects such as literature, art, history, geography and religion. It emphasizes integration among disciplines and aims to cultivate the young into cultured individuals with humanity values.


Knowing the need of our music students, our PE classes are designed to  improve strength, endurance, posture and presence, and to minimize the chance of body injury.

We offer a variety of dance classes such as body shaping and posture, jazz dance, ballroom dance, courtroom dance, waltz and tap dance. Other classes include aerobic training, table tennis and badminton.