Admission Policy

Beijing Eastbank Academy of Music

(abbreviated as “BEAM”) seeks students who are enthusiastic about learning music, willing to explore the world and find themselves, academically, socially and emotionally. Our program has been developed in order for students and families to actualize their potential, and find their place in a globalizing world where they can use all that they learn to impact their local community and the world beyond.

We are a high-quality international music school serving the local population, while strongly welcoming students of various backgrounds and nationalities from all over the world. Therefore, our admissions policy is not only inclusive, but also aims to develop a diverse student body that enriches the educational experience and prepares graduates for any challenge that they may meet in an ever-changing world.

Our policies and practices are developed to ensure a high standard of knowledge and competencies to prepare the students for higher education, while cultivating them to pursue excellence and the strength of character.

BEAM does not discriminate on the basis of gender, race, ethnicity, disability, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin in the administration of our admission policy for the school or related programs.

BEAM embraces the policy set by the Chinese Ministry of Education to promote aesthetic capabilities, to strengthen characters and to cultivate creative spirits.  

·    Entry Grades

Each year, BEAM provides points of entry in the following grades:

- Preparatory program for musically-trained students between age 13 and 15 who are passionate about music and seek professional music development

- 10th to 12th grades

·    Rolling Admission

Students are admitted throughout the year depending on the space availbility of each department/major and the student's qualifications