Course Introduction

Teaching Philosophy

1. To build a solid academic foundation and knowledge system for the students to provide them with tools for a life time of learning and to promote critical thinking abilities, knowledge seeking habits and proactive learning attitudes;

2. To motivate students with interest and to furnish them with the ability to apply knowledge. Courses are designed to suit the students' individual characteristics and needs and tailor to a professional music education with diversified competence fields and unlimited possibilities;

3. To offer a rich and diversified curriculum in a proactive learning environment that promotes teamwork, discussion and critical thinking, and extracurricular activities that facilitate immersive learning, the application of knowledge, and social commitment.

Course Overview

Music and Academic courses are equally important at BEAM. Our top-notch faculty members from home and abroad ensure that we provide a comprehensive and integrated curriculum to cultivate the students in an all-round fashion. Our music program is professionally designed to meet and exceed the entrance requirements of university-level music institutions worldwide. The academic curriculum includes English courses tailoring to the students’ need for their future study plans, Chinese and integrated humanity courses that help the students understand and explore language, history, culture, art, geography, and their identities, and mathematics and science courses to help develop students’ logic and practical abilities.