Beijing Eastbank Academy of Music (abbr. BEAM), located in Dongcheng district right at the heart of Beijing, is a professional music school connecting musicians dreams with world stages. It is our mission to help the students achieve professional development and gain self-discovery that prepare them for larger stages and allow them to grow into young artists with wisdom, charisma and versatility.

With a rigorous learning atmosphere and ever-improving spirit, BEAM prepares students for world-class music institutions and comprehensive universities. With classical and contemporary music as the main applied areas, systematic academic courses running concurrently, the school builds a solid foundation for the students’ pursuit of higher education.

At BEAM, students’ lives are enriched by a variety of musical activities and events, such as the Hummingbird Music Awards, theme concerts, master classes, music salons, and musicals. Other activities include theatre festivals, English speech competitions, foreign school visits, and outdoor learning. These platforms allow students to absorb knowledge, showcase their talent, communicate and learn among themselves, and broaden their horizons. BEAM also places a great emphasis on social responsibility, providing students with many volunteer opportunities to serve for meaningful and charitable causes.