English proficiency is a must for students to get further education in higher education institutions of music in China and abroad, comprehensive universities and liberal arts colleges. CCPS strengthens students’ ability of English application, linguistic organization and critical thinking through a progressive method of language learning and immersive model of bilingual teachings that enables students to finish, according to their school schedule, a series of tests that are necessary for the application of universities, such as TOEFL, IELTS and SAT, and gain English skills for daily life and study.

-Integrated English (for studentsin Grades 10 to 12)

The integrated English courses will be conducted in the bilingual way and the form of keynote teaching. Teachers will choose suited articles for different topics to conduct their teaching. Under the guidance of teachers, students will learn the vocabulary and grammar in the articles systematically and practice listening, writing and oral English based on what they have learned in class. We will help students strengthen their basic knowledge of language and the ability of language application through interesting and wide topics. The learning contents will be conducted in a progressive form of spiral escalation, which will lay a solid foundation of language for students and make good preparation for them to face the language tests to come.


pronunciation   vocabulary and grammar   listening   reading comprehension   writing   oral English

-World literature (forstudents in Grade 10 to 12)

With the learning of world literature, students are supposed to be able to improve their ability of critical reading and writing, build good reading habits, grasp reading skills and know differences between Chinese and English writing, which will lay a solid foundation for their massive reading and thesis writing in universities. At the same time, we lead students to read English original works after class and cultivate their interests in British and American literature, which will help them to use English in academic research more accurately and flexibly.


critical reading   critical writing





-Preparatory courses of universities (for students in Grade 10 to 12)

In order to help students apply for institutions of higher education in China and abroad, CCPS opens targeted preparatory courses of universities for students, based on their goals and talents from the first day of school, such as the remedial lessons for TOEFL, IELTS and SAT.

Learning contents:

1. The remedial lessons for TOEFL: Our school will provide professional remedial lessons for students based on the four parts, namely Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing of TOEFL before the test. Currently, more than 2,300universities in America and Canada require foreign students to provide the standard certification of TOEFL if they want to apply for those schools. Only those meeting the requirement of those schools are qualified to enter those schools and apply for scholarship.

2. The remedial lessons for IELTS: IELTS is acknowledged by all universities in Britain, Australia and Canada and more than 3000 universities in America. We will provide professional remedial lessons for students based on the four parts, namely Reading, Listening, Speaking and Writing of IELTS before the test.

3. The remedial lessons for entering a higher school: We begin to provide remedial lessons for entering a higher school for students from grade 10 and teach them the basic information of university application and foreign study and life. With the lessons, students will know how to plan for application, how to choose universities, how to prepare the application documents, how to prepare for the tests of TOEFL and SAT, how to make DEMO, how to prepare for the interview and how to stand out in the interview

4. The courses of western culture and cross-culture communication: Through learning western traditional customs and culture, students can know the differences between Chinese and western cultures. We will use different teaching forms to improve the effect of learning and inspire students ‘interests of the world, aiming to enable students to grasp the ability of cross-culture communication and increase the familiarity of exotic culture and environment when going abroad.