Quan Jihao |Composer Teacher

He has created a large number of musical works with different genres and outstanding personalities. He proposed the basic idea of "sound as the root, chant as the basic" and creative thinking of "Singletone, linearization, coloration, oriental". And it runs through the creation practice of the series of long and short series, the series of Wen and the series of 《impressions》. He has been invited to write by the domestic and foreign committee many times, and many works are performed at all kinds of music festivals. He published several academic papers, two monographs and four collections of individual works. A special concert of personal works was held in the Beijing Concert Hall in 1992.

The piano suite long and short combination (selected in twentieth Century "Chinese Music Classics"), symphony music recite long and short combination III won the first prize of the Fourth and Sixteenth National Music Awards of Ministry of culture respectively;The National Orchestra music dance, the third Symphony poem opera rhyme, respectively won the twelfth and the sixteenth "National Music Works Award" two awards. National Chamber Music Zong, narrative poem (Chorus) Ziyu and Hanzhong won sixth and fourteenth "National Music Awards" thirdprize respectively. Symphonic Fantasia Mountain Spirit, piano music YazhishengQinyun, chamber music Shock and other six works won the Excellence Award. Cello Concerto Lines, Pipa Concerto Opera and eleven other works were awarded the first place in "Taiwan Symphony Orchestra 7th composing competition", the second place in "Taiwan CCA 2005 Fourth National Music Award", the third place in "Taiwan Symphony Orchestra in 2001 for the song contest", and the third place in the “Shanghai international music game - China Style Piano Works Creation Contest", and Chinese Music Jinzhong Prize etc.

Catalogues and years of the main award-winning works:

Yue Zhi Yin, long and short combination III, was awarded the first prize of the Sixteenth National Music Awards (Symphony) by the Ministry of culture (2012).

Chang Duan De Zuhethe piano suite by the Ministry of culture: the fourth "National Music Awards (Chamber Music)" first prize (1985), 《Yin Yue De Chuang Zuo》"National Instrumental Solo Artists Award" first prize (1985), and was nominated "Chinese classical music in twentieth Century".

Yue Zhi Yin, long and short combination III, was awarded the first prize of the Sixteenth National Music Awards (Symphony) by the Ministry of culture (2012).

Wen - Cello Concerto: "Taiwan provincial Symphony Orchestra seventh composing competition (Concerto works competition)" first place (1998).

Xi Yun ---- third movement symphonic poem, awarded by the Ministry of Culture: the sixteenth "National Music Awards (Symphony)" second prize for small works (2012).

Yue Zhi Wu -- the long and short combination of II -- National Orchestral Music: won the second prize of the Twelfth "National Music (National Orchestra) Award" by the Ministry of Culture (2006).

Ziyu Yu & Hanchong - heavy purple mixed chorus and piano, "Yi" of the narrative poem by the Ministry of culture: the fourteenth "national music works (Chorus) third-prize awards" (2008).

Zong - ethnic chamber music: the sixth "National Music Works (folk music) Award" by the Ministry of Culture, third award (1988).

Shan Hun - Symphony fantasies: the eighth "national music works (Symphony) Award" by the Ministry of Culture of the Creation Award (1993).

Jin Ju Ying XiangPipa Concerto: "Taiwan CCA 2005 fourth annual National Music Awards - Concerto Competition the second prize, and was selected as the organizing committee" in 2005 thirteenth Taipei National Music Competition "as the required pipa Concerto repertoire; won the Best Work Award from the Ministry of culture of the Twelfth" national music (National Orchestral Works) (2006).

Ying E, "Taiwan five: woodwind quartet 2001 Symphony Orchestra Music Contest (chamber music competition) third prize.

Yan Yue - Solo Piano: "third-prize in the “Creation Contest for Chinese style piano works of the Shanghai International Music Competition” (1987).

Hun Yue – Wen II -- National Chamber Music: won the third National Music Creation Award of Taiwan Wen Jian 2004, the National Chamber Music Competition Award.

Wu – symphony series: one of the "dragon Cup" National Orchestral Works contest award "(1994);

Yao Sheng Tan Yin - --- for ten folk music performers, won the 2007 "sixth Chinese music Golden Bell Award".

Xie Yi·Luo Gu Jin, National Chamber Music: won the "Ninth China Music Golden Bell Award - Instrumental Works" Excellence Award (2013), and won the third place in TMSK Liu Tianhua prize (2008).

Dou E Yuan- for Cello and piano by the Ministry of Culture: the fourteenth "national music works (Chamber Music) Award" (2008).

A Li Lang, won the "2012 national orchestral music: the Fourth National Ethnic Arts Festival" Best Music Award.

Ya Zhi Sheng – Qing Yun-- piano solo by the Ministry of Culture: "the seventeenth National Music Works (Chamber Music) Award" Excellence Award (2013).

Zhen ---- chamber music: the winner of "the Seventeenth National Music Works (Chamber Music) Award" by the Ministry of Culture (February 2013).

Yi Jian Mei - soprano and chorus: wins the "Seventeenth National Music Awards (Chorus)" Excellence Award from the Ministry of Culture (2013).

Nian Bai -- cello solo: won the "2010 Shanghai Spring International Music Festival Cello Competition Award for outstanding original works".

The joy of the festival (for hometown Festival) - Solo Violin (piano accompaniment version, Orchestral accompaniment version); won the Award of Excellence in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture 30th anniversary Competition in 1982;  it was selected by People's Music Publishing House as "Chinese music collection of works for a hundred of years" (2014).

Huang Shan De Hua won the "singing of Mount Huangshan Song Collection activities" Award (2007).

The same world, the same dream won the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Recommended Song Award.

Academic monographs and works


1, "Chinese and Western musical instruments" (people's music publishing house).

2, "The study of the rhythm of the Korean traditional music" (people's music publishing house).

Sample collections

1, "Opera", Pipa Concerto: band version, solo music score (additional offprints) and CD (2010 people's Music Publishing House "China contemporary composers library" series of works).

2, "Quan Ji Hao National Chamber Music Collection" (people's music publishing house).

3, "Dance of music" - National Orchestra (people's music publishing house).

4, "The collection of chamber music of the Quan Ji Hao" (people's music publishing house).

5, "Song of music - -- the combination of length and short III" - Symphony (published in the people's music publishing house of Chinese music for 100 years).