School Bus

The school bus is the 'security tie' that connects dormitories and the school. The safety of students is the biggest concern of every family. As the commuting tool of comings and goings, the school bus not only protects students' safety, but also carry the happiness of millions of families.

CCPS runs strict school bus management system and school bus service system. Each school bus is equipped with the teacher who is responsible for school bus to protect the safety of students, to pay attention to the performance of every student in the school bus, to prevent students from emergencies in the school bus. In order to carry out the above work, not only should the teacher have asense of responsibility, but also be more considerate and more caring.

CCPS has signed the protocol of school buses with Beijing First Auto Group Co. LTD which has provided a safe, comfortable and high-quality school bus service.

All of these (punctuality, orderliness, safety) are only for the safe arrival of the students.