Professional Master Class | “You have to set up singing bones" From Zhu Yidong

The famous singer, ZhuYidong, visited Central Conservatory Preparatory School and gave a wonderful expert class to vocal music students at the end of September 2017.It was the second time that he has given a professional class to our students after the visit of Yang Guang, a famous mezzo-soprano.

In the class,our students refreshed themselves. They enjoyed the pleasure of vocal music by incorporating some factors into class like, humor, relaxation and patience.Ourbody is our musical instrument.Vocal music students can re-know this world byknowing and using their body as a musical instrument.

'It can create aso-called perfect bel canto by combining the physical factor, physiologicalfactor and mental factor, and it is a scientific vocalization method.'

'People are like  pens and our headsarelike the tips of the pen.'

'Move your whole body and control your body by using your brain perfectly!'

'The first step of singing is to learn how to run our pneuma.'

'Singing isby done by running carbon dioxide and not just by dioxide.'

'You are a part of this class.'

'What's more important than 'how to phonate' is 'where to phonate' '


hu Yidong graduated from the Music Department of Nanjing Normal University and was taught by DingChunquan. During the period of university, he was directed by Huang Youkui and Zhou Xiaoyan, two vocal music educators.He held a solo concert in the Music Department of Nanjing Normal University before graduation. In 2012, he was transferred toSuzhou University of Science and Technology to work for public art education.

Zhu Yidong was employed by School of Music of Nanjing Normal University Taizhou College where he served as a vocal music teacher and School of Music of Huaiyin Normal College where he served as apart-time vocal music professor. He has acquired sufficient experience of vocal teaching and singing from the teaching practice of vocal music and performance.He was invited by School of Music of Nanjing Normal University as the visiting professor and held a special lecture. In 2013, ZhuYidong was invited by Xiamen Philharmonic Orchestra to cooperate with Zheng Xiaoying, a well-known conductor where they performed Mahler’s major symphonic music Earth Melody. Since 2015, Zhu Yidong has held three solo concertsand was highly praised.

Zhu Yidong has accumulated many vocal worksof different languages through the years ofperformance and teaching practice,many of which are difficult tenor aria and Chinese art songs. He is a member of Jiang su Branch of Chinese Musicians Association, of Nanjing Musicians Council,of Nanjing Dancers Association and amember of Nanjing Film and Television Association. He is often invited to the judge and as an art director to many provincial competitions.

Zhu Yidong once servedas the Deputy Head of Art Troupe of the Political Department of theArmed Policein Jiangsu Province and won many awards in provincial and municipal singing competitions. In 1990, he won the first prize of the National People’s Armed Police Vocal Music Competition, awarded one “third class”. ZhuYidong served as the art director and production manager of Nanjing TV after being transferred to civilian work. He designed, organized and directed morethan 200 art variety shows and won many senior awards of television in the national, provincial and municipal levels.