Job Opportunities

Beijing Eastbank Academy of Music(BEAM), located at the heart of Beijing, is a professional music school connecting musicians’ dreams with world stages. We place a great emphasis on the balance of music, English and Chinese courses to cultivate young adults with an international vision and a rich cultural heritage for them to develop into first-rate artists with wisdom, charisma and versatility.

At BEAM, we respect the individuality of each student, motivate students with interest and furnish them with the ability to apply knowledge. Courses are designed to suit students’ individual characteristics and needs and tailor to a professional music education with diversified competence fields and unlimited possibilities.

We know the importance of building a solid academic foundation and knowledge system for the students, and offer academic courses in Chinese, mathematics, English, second languages, science, humanity, and many more.

With our world-class faculty roster, a strictly controlled faculty-student ratio, and a comfortable and safe learning environment, we create a disciplined and vibrant learning atmosphere and provide a curriculum that tailors to the needs of each student. Our graduates continue their education in top music schools, liberal art colleges and comprehensive universities worldwide.

BEAM looks for faculty and staff with the following qualities:

  • Perseverance and dedication; to seek excellence in quality, not merely to meet quantitative standardsl.
  • A global vision, a professional academic attitude and an ever-improving spirit.
  • Enthusiasm in education; to care for students and focus on their learning.
  • Flexibility, good moral characters, open-mindedness and respect.
  • Teamwork ability; to contribute to the BEAM culture with fellow colleagues.

In turn, BEAM will offer you:

  • Trust and Respect
    We value trust, respect and open communication in building a comfortable, friendly and harmonious work environment.
  • Competitive Compensation
    We provide a competitive compensation and benefits package among our peers: seven insurances and a housing fund for qualified employees (supplement Medical Insurance and Critical Illness Insurance), nutritionally balanced breakfast and lunch, and holiday gifts; we have a complete salary management system including paid overtime; free music education for you and your children after one year of employment.
  • Career Development Opportunities
    We support employees in achieving their personal development goals. At BEAM, you will get to know world-class musicians and enhance all-round capabilities through the personal development courses that we offer.

Please send your resume to us via email:
We sincerely invite you to join us.

Science Faculty

Job Description:

1. Be responsible for the daily teaching of science (24 hours a week);

2. Build teaching plans and cooperate with other faculty to develop teaching projects;

3. Serve as a mentor to students, communicate timely with mentors of other subjects and with parents as needed;

4. Organize course-related club and extracurricular activities;

5. Be responsible for other operational work, such as library duty, after-class evening duty, weekend duty and playground duty;

6. Attend teacher training, Open Course competitions and research feedback sessions, etc.;

7. Complete work assigned by supervisors

Job Requirements:

1. Master’s degree or higher; bachelor’s degree in science;

2. A minimum of 3 years of teaching experience in science;

3. The ability to research and develop an academic curriculum;

4. Technological competence to facilitate teaching needs;

5. The ability to provide rich extracurricular activities with high quality;

6. Teaching certificate and supporting documents;

7. International and bilingual teaching experience preferred